Herbalife Launches #ImWithYou, A New, Year-Long Global Healthy Active Lifestyle Campaign

Company Sponsored Athletes Joining the Campaign Include Cristiano Ronaldo and Heather Jackson, Among Others

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Health and wellness company, Herbalife, launched its new #ImWithYou healthy active lifestyle campaign over the weekend in Las Vegas to help inspire people to live their best lives. The year-long global campaign will feature distributor and employee group fitness events across the 95 markets where the company operates. Additionally, Herbalife-sponsored athletes, including professional footballer Cristiano Ronaldo and professional triathlete Heather Jackson, alongside independent distributors, will share their healthy active lifestyle motivation, how they use Herbalife products to achieve their healthy goals, and where their communities make a difference.

More than 750 people helped kick-off the year-long #ImWithYou healthy active lifestyle campaign over the weekend.

"Living your best life means connecting with people and building a community that will help you become the healthiest version of yourself," said Michael Johnson, CEO and Chairman at Herbalife. "We've been helping people build communities all over the world for over 43 years, and the #ImWithYou campaign reminds communities that the company, its sponsored athletes and its independent distributors are with them every step of the way."

More than 750 people helped kick-off the campaign over the weekend with a group workout at the Las Vegas Impact Basketball Center, home to many professional and up-and coming-athletes, and a Herbalife partner. In addition, to local and regional #ImWithYou distributor-led fitness events will continue to roll-out globally through September 2024.

"Athletes all over the world turn to our experts and products to help them live a healthy active lifestyle on and off the field," said Stephan Gratziani, Herbalife's Chief Strategy Officer. "The campaign reminds our distributors' customers that Herbalife can similarly help them reach their wellness goals."

Unhealthy diets and lack of physical exercise are significant contributors to noncommunicable diseases, including obesity, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and others, which account for 74% of deaths globally, according to the World Health Organization. Physical activity and a balanced diet have proven to prevent and manage these problems.

Herbalife provides distributors access to science-backed products, a business opportunity, tools and support to achieve a balanced lifestyle and help their customers do the same. Herbalife products support performance and provide supplementation for an active lifestyle.

If you're looking for a supportive community to help meet your health and wellness goals or to learn more about the Company and its products, visit www.Herbalife.com. Or you can follow along on social media using the hashtag #ImWithYou.

About Herbalife Ltd.

Herbalife (NYSE: HLF) is a premier health and wellness company and community that has been changing people's lives with great nutrition products and a business opportunity for its independent distributors since 1980. The Company offers science-backed products to consumers in more than 90 markets through entrepreneurial distributors who provide one-on-one coaching and a supportive community that inspires customers to embrace a healthier, more active lifestyle to live their best life.





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