Our ESG Scorecard

“Building it Better” is one of our core values and it has been in our DNA for more than 40 years. This value is applied to every aspect of our business including our performance on Environment, Social and Governance (ESG). This ESG Index highlights our efforts to drive positive impact for our employees, independent distributors, business partners, communities and the planet while driving sustainable business growth. The Index will be updated regularly as we continue to add or modify policies, data and practices relating to the key elements of ESG.

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About ESG

Our Mission is to Provide Great Nutrition

Herbalife Nutrition is committed to operating in a socially responsible manner and we have many philanthropic, social, corporate, and environmental initiatives in place that yield substantial and measurable results for communities. By following our responsible business practices and policies and focusing on our various initiatives, we aim to positively impact and create vibrant, thriving communities around the world.


Ensuring Quality and Compliance from Seed to Feed

We view our environmental footprint through a product lifecycle lens that extends from seed to feed and are focused on three key areas: sourcing, operations, and packaging. To support our efforts in promoting a sustainable future, we are reducing our use of plastic, and using more recycled materials and decreasing the amount of packaging for our products.

We are committed to doing our part to mitigate climate change by committing to zero net emissions by 2050 across our global operations and improving efficiency in our manufacturing operations by prioritizing natural resource conservation.

Social Impact

Nutrition for Zero Hunger

As a premier global nutrition company, we have the responsibility to use our position to tackle challenges that affect communities worldwide. As part of the Nutrition for Zero Hunger initiative, we have partnered with leading global nonprofits, NGOs, government, and strategic organizations to provide struggling communities with increased access to healthy foods, development programs focused on sustainable food security, and nutrition education programs that are customized to regional market needs. To date, Nutrition for Zero Hunger partners support more than 114 million people in more than 120 countries.


Promoting Responsible Business Practices

We follow a set of important, yet simple straightforward principles: we always do what’s right; we work together; we build it better. These values manifest through our more than 9,900 employees, for whom we strive to provide a safe workplace that nurtures collaboration, innovation, continuous improvement, diversity and inclusion, personal development, and a commitment to wellness.

We are also committed to the highest standards of ethics, integrity, and corporate conduct and provide mandatory annual training to employees to ensure they are up to date on current ethics and compliance policies and practices. In addition to our Ethics and Compliance Program, we have several established policies and procedures that govern how we handle the collection and use of personal information, which are accessible to all employees through our Privacy Policy Library and Cybersecurity Policy Library via our employee intranet.

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For more information on our ESG initiatives, review our E&S report.

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Learn more about our corporate social responsibility program as well as the numerous organizations we support that focus on improving and empowering our communities.