Several Scientific Journals Publish Research by Herbalife Scientists Highlighting Global Product Testing Standards

LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Premier wellness company and community, Herbalife, announced today that five recent research studies by its team of Quality Assurance scientists have been published across several international peer-reviewed journals. The articles share the company’s best practices in validating herbal ingredients, identifying compound sampling techniques and other processes involved in the rigorous testing that goes into Herbalife products around the world. The acceptance and publication of these studies underscore the global nutrition company’s commitment to scientific research, transparency, and accountability, driving consumer confidence and helping people live their best lives.

“Nutrition science and good manufacturing practices are fundamental to our high-quality products and their effects on health as well as lifestyle behaviors,” said Gary Swanson, MSc, senior vice president of Global Quality Assurance and Control at Herbalife. “As a leader in the industry, we’ll continue to invest in scientific testing and sourcing of quality ingredients so that we can continue to meet product claims and efficacy and build consumer trust.”

Herbalife’s global team of scientists, Ph.D.s, and other health and medical professionals ensure that, from sourcing the ingredients to their final packaging, its products go through numerous checks, including quality assurance, safety, science, regulatory, sensory, and label design.

The recent published work of Herbalife’s Quality Assurance and Control team, led by Swanson, include:

  • Herbalife and The Chinese University of Hong Kong have filed a joint patent application for their innovative DNA-based botanical identification technology that promises to improve the quality control of botanical materials in the dietary supplement and herbal medicine industry. The patent application, titled “Methods and Compositions for Identifying Botanical Material Using ARMS-PCR,” was published under The Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) on March 30, 2023.
  • A manuscript titled, “Development and Validation of Rapid qPCR Assay for Processed Botanical Material Identification: An Example Using Carica papaya,” published in Foods, an international, scientific, peer-reviewed, open access journal of food science that is published semimonthly online by MDPI. MDPI is a member of the Open Access Scholarly Publishers Association.
  • A manuscript titled, “Application of ARMS-PCR Technology in Rose Hip Identification,” published in The Food Industry, a peer-reviewed journal from China.
  • A manuscript titled, “Deacylation of Soybean Isoflavone Combined with Liquid Chromatography-mass Spectrometry to Improve the Accuracy of Determination of Total Isoflavone Content,” published in China Food Industry, a peer-reviewed journal from China.
  • A manuscript titled, “Determination of Vitamin B12 in Protein Solid Drink by UPLC-MS,” published in China Standardization, a peer-reviewed journal from China.
  • A manuscript titled, “Effects of Silver Carp Drying Process on Quality and Content of Advanced Glycation End Products,” published in Food & Machinery, a peer-reviewed journal from China.

In addition to its scientific experts, the company has nine science labs dedicated to quality control and testing, ensuring products are safe and meet local regulations in the 95 markets around the world where its products are sold. The Company conducts more than 300 internal tests on each product to verify ingredient purity, nutritional value and taste. Herbalife products, quality assurance and manufacturing processes have received numerous international awards attesting to its high-quality standards.

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