Our Growth Strategy

Our Growth Strategy

Throughout our more than 40 year history, we have never stopped innovating our products and enhancing our distribution channel to provide the highest quality service and products to our distributors and their customers. Two key elements to our growth strategy include Product Expansion and Distributor-Enabling Technology.  

Product Expansion

While our brand was founded in weight management, our product portfolio crosses different categories.  The new science-based products we launch satisfy both global consumer trends and local preferences.  

It is important to us that no matter what your needs are as a consumer, we offer you choice. For example, different markets can have a combination of our basic line, our clean label option, or our non-GMO options.

Sports Nutrition is a category where we have built a strong brand but also have an opportunity to gain share by expanding both our product portfolio and geographic reach.

We also have a focus on localized product offerings which meet the taste and unique ingredient desires from around the world.  This is a key strategy as we operate in so many countries with so many unique flavor profiles and ingredient preferences depending on where you are in the world. 

We also look to expand dayparts, and to fill gaps in our portfolio by entering new categories:

Distributor-Enabling Technology

A second leg of our growth strategy is investing in Distributor-Enabling Technology. We understand that the most constraining asset for our distributors is their time. Our investments in technology have been and continue to be in areas designed to help our Distributors become more efficient and productive.  

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Distributor Scalability

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Increase Distributor-to-Customer Connectivity

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Enhance Customer Experience